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Cambridge Word Routes Inglese-Italiano: Dizionario tematico dell'inglese contemporaneo (English and Italian Edition)

Rok: 1995
ISBN: 9780521422239
OKCZID: 110075002



Cambridge Word Routes Inglese-Italiano is the first in a unique new range of bilingual reference books for learners of English. Words and phrases are organised around key concepts and near-synonyms in English are clearly differentiated. Word Routes contains: 1) 450 word groups organised either by topic (e.g. Hospital, Aircraft) or concept (e.g. Understand, Strength), and built around a core vocabulary. This section is highly illustrated with line drawings. 2) Language for Communication: 48 sections comprising a unique collection of everyday conversational phrases for different situations (e.g. Expressing Surprise, Telephoning), and their nearest equivalents in the learners' own language. 3) An alphabetical index of all English headwords (including IPA pronunciations) and an alphabetical index of all translations. Word Routes gives clear and detailed information on grammar and collocation, and has thousands of example sentences, as well as extensive coverage of idioms. The learner's own language is used in all explanations, and the needs of Italian-speaking learners are specifically covered. American English is included.

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