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A Clinical Guide to Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology

Rok: 1991
ISBN: 9780849367373
OKCZID: 110321356



Reproduction, the most important process in nature, is the result of a superbly coordinated series of events. The modern era has seen the introduction of chemical and physical agents that can disrupt these events and impair normal reproduction. The public has become increasingly aware of the possibilities of adverse reproductive outcomes as a result of being exposed to medications; chemicals in the workplace and in the environment; and physical agents, such as X-rays, microwaves, and heat. Clinicians need to become familiar with toxicological issues so that they can properly answer the questions their patients may ask regarding reproductive risks.A Clinical Guide to Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology satisfies the clinician's need to understand toxicology and its effect on human reproduction by explaining the lingo of the bench researcher and teaching the clinician how to use basic research in practice. The book emphasizes how to use this information when there is a patient sitting in front of you. All aspects of reproduction are discussed and difficult issues are addressed. For example, is it possible to use animal studies when counseling humans? How likely are male exposures to cause abnormalities in the offspring? How can workplaces be evaluated for reproductive risks? These are only a few of the important questions addressed in this important book for physicians, nurses, counselors, industrial hygienists, and public policymakers.

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