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God's Call: Moral Realism, God's Commands, and Human Autonomy

Rok: 2000
ISBN: 9780802839039
OKCZID: 110094667



A powerful case for moral living based on the will of God. There has been a debate between modern ethicists who see moral judgments as objectively corresponding to a moral reality independent of human opinion and those who insist that moral judgments are simply expressions of our will. In this book John Hare outlines a theory that combines the merits of both views, arguing that what makes something right is that God calls us to it. Featuring original moral theory and fresh interpretations of the thought of John Duns Scotus and Immanuel Kant, GOD'S CALL develops a version of the divine command theory in ethics, defending it against objections based on human autonomy and locating it within the broader context of contemporary moral thinking. Hare’s work is valuable not only for its overview of the history of moral debate but also for its construction of a sound Christian ethic for today.

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