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Blackstone's Civil Practice 2009

Rok: 2009
ISBN: 9780199549641
OKCZID: 110574690



Blackstone's Civil Practice 2009 provides authoritative expert description and analysis of the process of civil litigation in the county courts and in the High Court. It combines a unique narrative commentary with the full text of the Civil Procedure Rules, Practice Directions and Pre-Action Protocols and Practice Guides. Blackstone's Civil Practice 2009 is the only civil court text to explain and analyze civil procedure in narrative chapters. Written by a team of expert practitioners and academics, the text follows the course of proceedings from funding litigation and commencement of a claim through to enforcement of judgments. The text offers lucid, practical guidance to the effective conduct of litigation - providing detailed guidance on both the general conduct of litigation and more specialist areas such as judicial review, landlord and tenant and possession proceedings, sale of goods, and consumer credit. The narrative is supported by procedural checklists, giving quick access to details of required actions, time limits and applicable Rules and Practice Directions. The text is also cross-referenced to comprehensive appendices containing scrupulously edited and up-to-date texts of the Civil Procedure Rules, Practice Directions, Pre-Action Protocols and Court Guides and selected procedural legislation. All copies of Blackstone's Civil Practice 2009 come complete with a CD-ROM, which is issued simultaneously with the bound book. The CD-ROM includes hypertext linking for, among other things, references to the Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Directions. The CD-ROM also includes all relevant forms. The book will be comprehensively updated by a paper supplement, included in the price, containing updates to the CPR and case law. The book is also accompanied by a regularly updated companion web site. The 39 Procedural Checklists in Blackstone's Civil Practice 2009 are available from IRIS Laserform. These step-by-step guides will save you valuable time, reduce risk and ensure successful case management. Practices will also benefit from the embedded hyperlinks to the MoJ website, for the Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Directions, and other websites for instant access to additional information and know-how. For more information, please contact IRIS Laserform by email at laserform@iris.co.uk

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