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The Therapist's Internet Handbook: More Than 1300 Web Sites and Resources for Mental Health Professionals

Rok: 2001
ISBN: 9780393703429
OKCZID: 110667348



Since the publication of the DSM-IV Internet Companion in 1998, the Internet has grown and changed. Robert F. Stamps and his new coauthor, Peter M. Barach, have completely revised and updated the original directory of Web sites for mental health professionals.The Therapist's Internet Handbook includes capsule summaries of more than 1300 sites, keyed to DSM-IV categories. Alongside the capsule summary, the authors include commentary, list its features, identify the links provided on that site, and qualify it in terms of usefulness. Unique to this book are completely new sections on criminal justice sites, general medical sites, and a series of helpful hints for successful Web research. Included with the book is a handy CD-ROM, with active links to all the sites discussed. As the Internet continues to grow, professionals who utilize it will benefit from its speed and inexhaustible scope. For savvy mental health professionals, this book will become an essential, well-thumbed reference.

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