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Handbook of the Psychology of Interviewing

Autor: Memon, Amina.
Rok: 2001
ISBN: 9780471498889
OKCZID: 110040402



What strategies are needed to conduct a "good" interview? How do you interview to detect deception? What types of questions should be used with children with learning disabilities? This authorative and accessible handbook will benefit professionals in a wide range of disciplines including clinical, social and forensic psychology, social work, medicine, counselling, statistics and law. "This book is an impressive 'tour de force' of a subject which was previously picked up piecemeal by practitioners, despite its central role to much psychological and other areas of practice. The editors are pre-eminent in their knowledge of this area, and this is reflected in the comprehensive and effective presentation of diverse specialised areas within the general topic." Professor James Furnell "Memom and Bull's Handbook is an invaluable resource for all those involved in interviewing whether as practitioners, teachers and trainers, or researchers. Given the interview's central place in so many professional activities, the Handbook's unique coverage will ensure it becomes essential reading for a wide range of specialist groups." Dr James McGuire "...an indispensible collection of chapters on all facets of interviewing for both researchers and practitioners." Dr Dennis Howitt

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