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Crime, Space and Society (Cambridge Human Geography)

Rok: 2010
ISBN: 9780521319003
OKCZID: 110771063



This 1986 book offered the first detailed analysis of relationships between crime and social trends in Britain. It is innovative in focusing on the victims of crime, fear and anxiety, as well as on individual and institutional reactions to crime - an emphasis that complements the more usual focus of British geography and criminology on offenders, offences and the built environment. Ethnographic fieldwork is combined with local and national victim surveys to highlight the human consequences of crime and fear against their social, economic and political background. Smith shows that variations in the incidence, impact and social significance of crime reflect the differential distribution of power within cities and regions. In accounting for the relationships between crime, anxiety and the quality of life in urban neighbourhoods, the book makes an interesting contribution to social theory. Amongst a variety of policy-related issues, particular attention is paid to the role of the police in a multi-agency approach to crime prevention and the management of fear.

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