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Martindale the Extra Pharmacopoeia

Rok: 1996
ISBN: 9780853693420
OKCZID: 110727803



This is the 31st edition of "The Extra Pharmacopoeia". It offers up-to-date information on drugs and medicines that are used throughout the world. It is written for practising pharmacists and physicians and for all those involved in the field of drugs and medicines. This edition of "The Extra Pharmacopoeia" offers increased information on the proprietary medicines; a shift to a more clinical emphasis; and an increase in the number of referenced reviews. Altogether there are 5132 monographs, grouped either in clinical terms or in pharmaceutical terms. Supplementary drugs are also covered. At the same time, new information is offered on preparations (46,000 from 14 countries - also some preparations from Japan). Each entry provides the proprietary name, the manufacturer or distributor, the active ingredients and a summary of the indications. The indexes are important in this work, offering 153,786 entries in 450 pages. Every drug is listed with its name, synonym, code and chemical name. The book is also replicated in a CD-ROM format for regular users and searchers for information. It contains the same range of information, but available to the PC user. In additon to the simpe, menu-driven software, a free-text search option is available for the more experienced user. Teh cD is updated quarterly; is available in Windows or DOS versions; and affords immediate access to over 5000 compounds and 62,500 proprietary preparations. The hardware and software recommendations are as follows: IBM compatible 486, 33 MHz; 8 Mb RAM; 80 Mb hard disk; 1.44 Mb floppy disk drive; one parallel and two serial ports; 15" or 16" colour super VGA monitor and adaptor (800x600); 101 enhanced keyboard; mouse; Windows version 3.1 or higher; Microsoft CD-rOM Extensions 2.21; MS-DOS version 5.0 or higher; Windows video accelerator card; 2 CD-ROM players with 660 Mb capacity meeting ISO 9660 (High Sierra) standards (a single drive may be suitable for some applications); MS-DOS version requires 386, 33 Mhz or better; MS-dOS requires 7Mb hard disk space; Windows requires 15 Mb hard disk space; Windows version only; DOS version only. Further information concerning the CD-ROM and other Micromedex databases can be found by writing to the Marketing Department at the Pharmaceutical Press.

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