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European Policies for a Knowledge Economy

Rok: 2004
ISBN: 9781840649772
OKCZID: 110655261



In 2000, the European Union adopted an overall strategy to effect transition to a knowledge economy. After coordinating the preparation of the Lisbon European Summit which launched this ten year strategy, Maria João Rodrigues provides a unique insight into the renewal of European economic and social policies. European Policies for a Knowledge Economy explores the information society and research and education policies which are being combined to build a stronger knowledge base, and enhance the growth potential of Europe via economic reforms, enterprise and innovation policies. The author ascertains that the European social model should be reformed by investing in people, improving welfare provision and fighting new forms of social exclusion. She goes on to argue that macroeconomic policies will help to advance these structural changes. The critical issues and underpinning debates that are highlighted include, among others: • reforms targeting the creation of more growth potential • macroeconomic policies which vitalize employment and structural change • policies for the information society aimed at improving standards of living • new priorities for national education policies towards lifelong learning • reforms of the labor markets for more and better jobs • implications of the Lisbon Strategy for the institutional reform of the European Union. Illustrating the challenges of a new strategic goal for European policies, this highly accessible book will be essential reading for a wide-ranging audience - scholars, public administrators, business people and anyone else with an interest in European policies and their implications for national agendas.

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