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Understanding Carcinogenesis: An Introduction to the Molecular Basis of Cancer

Rok: 2006
ISBN: 9783527314867
OKCZID: 110070703

Citace (dle ČSN ISO 690):
KIARIS, Hippokratis. Understanding carcinogenesis: an introduction to the molecular basis of cancer. Weinheim: Wiley, c2006. x, 177 s.



In this concise, up-to-date guide to the biology of cancer the author manages to present both the basic and the clinical while retaining a simple and concise style. Following an introduction to fundamental concepts related to the clonality of the tumors and the hypermutability of the cancer cells, he continues with a description of genes involved in the process of carcinogenesis and concludes with more complex phenomena of tumor biology, such as the role of the tumor stroma and the metastatic process. A whole section on specific topics includes pharmacogenomics and viral carcinogenesis. In addition, he describes human and animal models of the disease, emphasizing their advantages and their limitations, rounding off with unifying concepts, as well as ongoing and future perspectives. The book makes good use of simple graphs to underline the notions described in the text, a feature that particularly aids comprehension. With a foreword by Nobel laureate Andrew V. Schally.

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