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Single family houses : [concepts, planning, construction]

Rok: c2005
ISBN: 9783764372774
OKCZID: 110027706
Vydání: New enl. ed.

Citace (dle ČSN ISO 690):
SCHITTICH, Christian, Rüdiger KRISCH a Gert KÄHLER. Single family houses. New enlarged edition. München: Edition Detail, 2005. In detail.



The private single family house is still very much the preferred choice of home. Yet in recent years there have been many changes not only in the personal situations of the residents, their expectations and desires, but also in the rising costs of energy and raw materials. This has meant that issues such as multi-functionalism, the use of innovative building materials or energy-efficient building methods are increasing in significance. In this completely revised and expanded second edition these topical developments have been taken into consideration. The organization and layout of the first volume, with its concise and detailed project documentation, has been retained. The authors introduce floor plan solutions using contemporary projects which bear in mind changing family structures. At the same time, the contributions provide an in-depth introduction to planning single family houses, from the design of the floor plan to useful tips for the realization. In addition to this fundamental information, 22 projects are documented, providing ideas and inspiration for planners, students and clients. The international selection of projects highlights current trends in planning and designing single family housing and reveals the tried and tested basics.

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