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Nationalatlas Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Bd. 4, Bevölkerung

Rok: 2001
ISBN: 9783827409447
OKCZID: 110588919



Fifty years after the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany, and more than 10 years after the end of the German division, the first National Atlas has been produced. This Atlas provides a comprehensive, detailed picture of Germany for any serious student. In 12 volumes it describes, in detailed colour maps, tables, graphs and text, every aspect of modern German life. Each volume stands alone covering a particular subject, and the collection of 12 provides an outstanding and necessary reference for any student of Germany.The Atlas is written in German by over 500 authors, co-ordinated by the renowned Institute for Regional Geography in Leipzig. Over 1000 new maps have been created, and each volume provides an overview with regional and local information on a particular area of modern German life. In addition each volume contains a removable key and a transparent overlay set so readers can pore with ease to find the information they require.This volume, Population, offers an unique overview of the composition of Germany and notable trends and changes: Is Germany an ageing society? How do births and deaths vary? Where do ethnic and religious minorities live in Germany and in what proportions? How are poverty and unemployment distributed? And what social and political consequences result from the various demographic changes? All of these questions and many more may be answered by using this Atlas.

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