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Convergence and divergence of family law in Europe

Autor: Marija Vadimovna Antokol'skaja
Rok: 2007
ISBN: 9789050956901
OKCZID: 110004489

Citace (dle ČSN ISO 690):
ANTOKOL'SKAJA, Marija Vadimovna, ed. Convergence and divergence of family law in Europe. Antwerpen: Intersentia, 2007. xiv, 282 s. European family law series, 18.



This volume contains the written versions of presentations given at the international conference “Convergence and Divergence of Family Law in Europe”, organised in Amsterdam in September 2006. The main objective of this conference was to instigate an in-depth discussion regarding various facets of the convergence/divergence discord. Another objective was to give scholars the opportunity to present their respective views in the ongoing debate surrounding convergence, divergence and deliberate harmonisation activities in the field of family law. In the first part of this book the historical and theoretical issues of the convergence/divergence debate and the controversy surrounding the “cultural constraints” argument are discussed. The second part gives a picture of the contemporary role of convergence/divergence tendencies on a regional level in various parts of Europe. It starts with an overview of the recent trends in the renowned “Nordic co-operation” in the approximation of family laws, which is generally considered to be the most successful example of regional harmonisation of family laws in Europe. The next article deals with convergence/divergence tendencies in the development of the family law of the Spanish autonomous communities. The following two contributions offer a summary of the convergence and divergence trends in Eastern Europe against the background of such sweeping events as the fall of the Soviet Union, the disintegration of the Eastern block and the accession of a majority of the Central European countries to the EU. The third part of this volume deals with the convergence and divergence tendencies in the following particular fields of family law: marriage, divorce, same-sex relationships, establishment of parenthood and matrimonial property law.

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